Ice, Ivy, Ghost, Roxie & Inouk Holiday Greeting Card


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Ice, Ivy, Ghost, Roxie & Inouk Holiday Greeting Card

Product Details

Single folded greeting cards with festive red envelopes. Printed responsibly in the USA on 5 x 7" premium cover weight, recycled paper stock.
Card back features the Underdogs' profile.


Cover - merry christmas
Inside - peace, love and dogs


Ice, Ivy, Ghost, Roxie and Inouk


Made popular by Hollywood, these beautiful dogs are often abandoned by unprepared owners…usually after the novelty has worn off. If it weren’t for the exceptional work of groups, like Texas Husky Rescue, these pups would never have a chance at the life they so deserve.


Free spirited, playful and good natured with most everyone. One family with adopted huskies asks every day, “How could anyone ever let these most extraordinary dogs go?”