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    Janet and Joe, Just wanted to thank you for the nice note and fast service. I am spreading the word about your great products and service to the underdogs.
    Denise F.


    I received my order of wonderful cards the other day and I teared up when I read your sweet thank you note. You’ve always included a note of thanks with my order, which is a fabulous business practice, but this one was so poignant in light of everything that is going on in our world.
    My heart goes out to both of you and all of the other small business owners. I'm glad I could help a little bit. I also shared your note with one of my neighbors who is ordering some cards. Both of us were reluctant to sort through cards in the stores (who knows how many hands have touched them), so I remembered Hooray for the Underdogs! Your cards are such high quality, with great messages and sweet pups. I know you'll pull through this very challenging time--I'm cheering for the Underdog!
    Laura H.


    I recently ordered some note cards. I realized it may take longer since these were coming from Texas. Though the hurricane was not in Dallas, I'm sure shipping was affected in the entire state. Then, tracking showed there was a delay, so when I received the package, it was re-wrapped in plastic with an apology note from usps due to the weather messing up the external package. Once I got through the package, I saw you had wrapped the note cards in saran wrap to protect them too! Between you and USPS, this package made it safe and sound and all my birthday thank you cards have now been mailed out :). Thank you so much for what you do. I work for the largest open-admission animal shelter in Nevada and have two rescues at home. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these underdogs!
    Las Vegas, NV


    Janet and Joe...I received my order of cards and they are so cute. I want to thank you for the packaging. Our mail person is too lazy to get out of her truck and put things in or by the front door so she stuffs everything into the mailbox. If the cards weren’t packaged the way they were, they would have been bent and of course not useable.
    Thank you again and I will order more in the future.
    Glendale, AZ


    Dearest Janet and Joe,
    I just received my order from you and I couldn't be more impressed! Not only is the photography on the greeting cards exceptional, but so is the quality of the cards...wish I had ordered more!
    Love the big fat will be well received by my "Chloe" at Christmas...and one for her cousin "Piper".
    And the hand written note...WOW!!!
    I am not sure how I came across your website, but I was moved to tears to read the UNDERDOG: PROFILE: and SPECIAL POWER:
    We head back to Canada this weekend, but I will be sure to order in advance of our arrival to Florida next year.
    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,


    Just wanted to say that I received the cards-have never received a real “thank you” card with an order before...This, however, does not surprise me because you make THE VERY BEST GREETING CARDS for all occasions-glad I can order directly from you and not have to trudge all the way to Barnes & Noble in town where I discovered your cards a few years back.

    Thank you for supporting rescues-we have a house full.

    Kindest regards and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah, whichever applies.

    Vassalboro, Maine


    I purchased one of your birthday cards at Target today. The caption on the card touched me very deeply. The truth and the warm feelings it brought to me made me smile with happiness and brought tears to my eyes for the same reason.
    As I was putting the card in the envelope, I happened to see your website address on the back of the card so I wanted to send you a big thank you. You made my day.
    I will be keeping this card forever.

    Ralph D.

    Hi Janet and Joe,
    The wonderful picture you took of Sammie got her a home yesterday!! I posted the picture you took of her with her story and that she was looking for a home at my work here at Medical City Hospital on the employee bulletin board and a nurse and her husband adopted her yesterday!!!
    Wanted to pass on the good news!!!

    Lisa Antonio
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Duck Team 6



    Good afternoon Janet.
    Thank you for your kind note on our recent order for cards. Like many I expect, we're always out buying a card for a birthday, thank you, get well or whatever. Your cards are visually wonderful and tell great stories of those who toil to rescue the often forgotten thousands of animals who through no fault of their own struggle for their very existence. So why not buy cards that satisfy the need for whatever occasion, tell a story to raise awareness and help the cause! Your work is important, thank you for what you do.

    With warmest regards,
    Peter & Nancy
    Carson City, Nevada


    I am so impressed with your work, your mission and this website. I found you via The Bark magazine and will be placing an order very shortly.
    I'm also impressed with your customer service. I had a question about an item for sale on your website so I called your contact phone number and actually spoke with a helpful, live person.
    You have a new customer for life and I will let my dog-lover community know about your website and wares. I live in North Idaho and there is a burgeoning dog rescue community here.
    Have a great holiday season and hope it turns out to be the best season for you yet!

    Tonja H.