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Help us make this photo into one of our best greeting cards, ever! Submit your favorite cover and inside greetings below.
The winner will receive:

  • a $50 Hooray For The Underdog! gift certificate
  • a gorgeous print, signed by Joe
  • and the bragging rights...forever

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2016

Congratulations To Our Winner:

Julie Brekke


  • Cover: Digging life!

    Inside: Because of you

  • Cover: This was not my idea...

    Inside: The Cat told me to add some of my waste to make these plants grow. And I would look smarter wearing these glasses!

  • Cover: Is it Friday yet?????

    Inside: I need a drink!

  • Cover: Cultivator of thyme (birthday theme)

    Inside: You're a master at it!

  • Cover: What it takes for something this special (congratulations theme)

    Inside: Thyme management

  • Cover: Later, I'm going to plant myself on the couch

    Inside: Hope you feel better!

  • Cover: Love working in the Garden...

    Inside: Rosemary plants, always makes me think of you!

  • Cover: Dogan:

    Inside: A member of the canine species who does not eat or use animal products...unless it's a bone, of course!

  • Cover: Gardogging

    Inside: There's more than one way to find a bone!

  • Cover: There's no recipe for love...

    Inside: Like a good scratch behind the ears! Missing you today!

  • Cover: A spot of tea?

    Inside: Feel better soon!

  • Cover: Need any help??

    Inside: Always remember In times of need I'll be there for you Even to pull weeds!

  • Cover: You look like you could use a lift.

    Inside: Might I recommend the lavender.

  • Cover: I heard you were feeling ruff...

    Inside: Hope you feel better in no thyme!

  • Cover: I've spent all day in the lab for this...

    Inside: You better get well soon!

  • Cover: Scientists say that sometimes the best medicine

    Inside: Is a dog's wet nose! Feel better soon!

  • Cover: Blush says, "How does my garden grow? No bones about it!"

    Inside: "Who needs bones when you've got a home and are loved. Happy Days!!!

  • Cover: For everything, there is a season; a time for digging, a time for planting, a time for harvest...

    Inside: and a time for all those veggies with BBQ!

  • Cover: I take my "green paw" seriously....

    Inside: Here's to growing you a very Happy Birthday.

  • Cover: with growing affection

    Inside: thank you for all you did and do

  • Cover: Natures remedy

    Inside: Wishing you a speedy recovery. or From my heart to yours..feel better soon.

  • Cover: Miss You!

    Inside: Pottering around, just wishing you were here!

  • Cover: Dr. Spot at your service

    Inside: OK...I don't want harmful pesticides, give me the birds and the bees, so I am creating my own formulation. Wish me luck.

  • Cover: Seriously?

    Inside: Do I look like I would dig up your garden? I don't think so!

  • Cover: Feeling blue?

    Inside: Let me help you feel wahoo!!

  • Cover: Overachievers rule...

    Inside: ...but they do it out of love

  • Cover: Get well soon!

    Inside: I'm told it's better than chicken noodle soup, trust me.... I'm your best friend!

  • Cover:

    Inside: Herbs are wonderful, but the best medicine is still doggy love!

  • Cover: Really???

    Inside: You think SOIL goes into lattes?

  • Cover: Formulating the best medicine of all...

    Inside: ...Love Get well soon!