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    Caption Contest Entries

    Caption This Photo

    Help us make this photo into one of our best greeting cards, ever! Submit your favorite cover and inside greetings below.
    The winner will receive:

    • a $50 Hooray For The Underdog! gift certificate
    • a gorgeous print, signed by Joe
    • and the bragging rights...forever

    Submission Deadline: April 15, 2016

    Congratulations To Our Winner:

    Julie Brekke


    • Cover: Digging life!

      Inside: Because of you

    • Cover: This was not my idea...

      Inside: The Cat told me to add some of my waste to make these plants grow. And I would look smarter wearing these glasses!

    • Cover: Is it Friday yet?????

      Inside: I need a drink!

    • Cover: Cultivator of thyme (birthday theme)

      Inside: You're a master at it!

    • Cover: What it takes for something this special (congratulations theme)

      Inside: Thyme management

    • Cover: Later, I'm going to plant myself on the couch

      Inside: Hope you feel better!

    • Cover: Love working in the Garden...

      Inside: Rosemary plants, always makes me think of you!

    • Cover: Dogan:

      Inside: A member of the canine species who does not eat or use animal products...unless it's a bone, of course!

    • Cover: Gardogging

      Inside: There's more than one way to find a bone!

    • Cover: There's no recipe for love...

      Inside: Like a good scratch behind the ears! Missing you today!

    • Cover: A spot of tea?

      Inside: Feel better soon!

    • Cover: Need any help??

      Inside: Always remember In times of need I'll be there for you Even to pull weeds!

    • Cover: You look like you could use a lift.

      Inside: Might I recommend the lavender.

    • Cover: I heard you were feeling ruff...

      Inside: Hope you feel better in no thyme!

    • Cover: I've spent all day in the lab for this...

      Inside: You better get well soon!

    • Cover: Scientists say that sometimes the best medicine

      Inside: Is a dog's wet nose! Feel better soon!

    • Cover: Blush says, "How does my garden grow? No bones about it!"

      Inside: "Who needs bones when you've got a home and are loved. Happy Days!!!

    • Cover: For everything, there is a season; a time for digging, a time for planting, a time for harvest...

      Inside: and a time for all those veggies with BBQ!

    • Cover: I take my "green paw" seriously....

      Inside: Here's to growing you a very Happy Birthday.

    • Cover: with growing affection

      Inside: thank you for all you did and do

    • Cover: Natures remedy

      Inside: Wishing you a speedy recovery. or From my heart to yours..feel better soon.

    • Cover: Miss You!

      Inside: Pottering around, just wishing you were here!

    • Cover: Dr. Spot at your service

      Inside: OK...I don't want harmful pesticides, give me the birds and the bees, so I am creating my own formulation. Wish me luck.

    • Cover: Seriously?

      Inside: Do I look like I would dig up your garden? I don't think so!

    • Cover: Feeling blue?

      Inside: Let me help you feel wahoo!!

    • Cover: Overachievers rule...

      Inside: ...but they do it out of love

    • Cover: Get well soon!

      Inside: I'm told it's better than chicken noodle soup, trust me.... I'm your best friend!

    • Cover:

      Inside: Herbs are wonderful, but the best medicine is still doggy love!

    • Cover: Really???

      Inside: You think SOIL goes into lattes?

    • Cover: Formulating the best medicine of all...

      Inside: ...Love Get well soon!